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Dana Covit is a writer of film criticism and cultural commentary, oozings of opinion, fashion coverage, and fiction. 

From New Jersey to Baltimore, Baltimore to New York City, I am currently living in Los Angeles, where I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Cinema & Media Studies from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. I gather inspiration from the colors and textures buried in spice and flea markets, the offbeat imagination of Wes Anderson, Pedro Almodóvar's exhilarating vivacity, Anna Karina (hello!), and the wild and wacky world about us.

Contact me with questions, or, better yet, projects (hey now!) - I write, I listen, I watch; I style (clothing, sets, spaces, and shoots). I know my stuff and by golly, if I don't know something, I will learn it. I love a wandering, whimsical imagination and am always up, way up, for a new journey and a good 'ol-fashioned pen-'n-paper brainstorm.

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eye candies:
blog: Summer Teeth

selected works:
1 Girl, 4 Looks: Britt Bardot's Stylist-Approved Holiday Cheer .. Refinery29
Inside the Whimsical World of Star Stylist Shirley Kurata .. Refinery29

styling and "modeling" (humor me!):


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